we help when someone has died

Unfailing reality. We all come to face the end of our own and our loved ones’ lifetimes. We can’t change that. But we can gently and thoughtfully change the ways we meet end of life and its practical demands.

In difficult times we can get together to plan well, and to talk and reflect. We can hold well facilitated  ceremonies and ritual. We can make memorials and living funerals rich and satisfying.

Call 0407 648 603 if you’re looking for fitting, respectful assistance and a meaningful funeral or memorial.

You’ll provide information in a brief initial chat in which I learn more about your needs. We’ll make a time to take your ideas forward, planning the ceremony and rituals, and the involvement of everyone whom you’d like to have play a role.

If you’re thinking ahead about your plans now I’m here to assist. If there are stories you’d like to get down on paper now, I can help.


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