I learned that only 2 out of 5 Australians have a will. It was in the morning paper. In the same paper there was an article highlighting that more and more people under 35 are purchasing property. I wondered if they would get organised to do a will.

Write a will - it can be done

Thanks to Daniel Lurie, Pro Bono

No one wants squabbling about stuff. it is so important to express your wishes for the distribution of your assets. It’s going to help if anything happens. And it can be done.

And it’s not just about stuff. It’s about quality arrangements.

When you write a will you can think further about others. You can do more thinking. What you’d like happen to your body after you die. This can also save others hassle and stress. You can contribute to enabling a quality process surrounding the time after death for family and friends. What would really good arrangements to honour you look like? You can put what you believe would be good on paper, in whatever terms you understand it.

Some questions you might consider are:  Would you like funeral directors to step in immediately, or would you like to give everyone a bit more time? Would you like to be buried or cremated? Is there somewhere meaningful to you where you’d like people to gather? All this can be said in a will, and shared in discussion with your executor. Then they can be clear about your wishes. Some suggest putting this information in a separate document as well.

Think about people. Think about pets. Making time to organise a will is time well spent.