deathcafemelbourneDeath Cafe is a lively social movement. Cafes springing up like mushrooms in London, San Francisco and New York City. Their popularity reflects a broad interest in bringing death out from the shadows and talking about it in the warmth of well-supported public occasions. There’s no reason to try to make sense of big questions alone.

On Dying to Know Day, I’ll be hosting a death café at Kinfolk Café. It’s a social enterprise, near Southern Cross Station. We’ll start at 6.30 and run till 8pm.

I’m a baby boomer, and like others of my generation I expect choices and options in all areas of life, including in the service domain of death and dying.  The Death Café encourages people to realize they can share experiences, do things differently, think reflectively and share ideas.

So come along if you’re also keen to make public conversation about death less of a deal. I’ll be facilitating and the event will invite participation in a safe atmosphere.

Social enterprise café Kinfolk supports social change. Eating great food together is an essential element of the Death Café movement. Kinfolk is the perfect place for people to develop connections and draw creative inspiration to consider fresh choices.

#As at 2017, there’s a Death Cafe each season in Melbourne.