No-one wants a cookie cutter funeral

In fact some people want a unique funeral at home.

Everything is changing so quickly around us. You can buy a funeral on Gumtree. In Lygon Street a trusted funeral company shares a building with a glass fronted upstairs gym. In Geelong the first funeral director you come upon has a slice of the Aldi building. Why not a funeral at home then?

You can craft a unique event. You can renew and sustain family and community with warmth, stories and shared support. You don’t need to buy what’s available because everyone always has. You and others in your network probably have some experience organising events or can find people to assist.

Why not have a different kind of funeral, a facilitated home or community event?

Think about a possible venue. You can hold a funeral at home if space allows. You can hold a funeral in a venue like a community hall that has been special to your family and there person who’s died.

You don’t have to go to a funeral director’s chapel.

Taking control of funeral arrangements can be life changing.

A funeral that ‘rings true’ helps people to feel, connect and to grieve. This is life changing. A funeral in an everyday community place may be highly appropriate to reflect a life in its context. It can have gravitas without being deeply serious. It can go perfectly without being tightly prescribed. It can be dignified and respectful without the trappings of formality.

A deep need to know the person again can be fulfilled through sensitive programming, music and stories. People can laugh and cry. However sad and bereft, everyone leaving an event with these qualities will feel a communion of care and appreciation. Life can go on.

“We wish we’d been able to mourn and honour our father like this,” two sisters said after a beautiful memorial for their mother. They deeply regretted having missed the opportunity, firstly through choosing a funeral director that wasn’t right for them, and secondly through trying to take things back into their hands without having the help and support they needed.


Funeral at home

At home.


A home or community venue can work for you

We can change the ways we meet end of life for the better.

Kinship Ritual can help to create a truly fitting occasion in an appropriate setting that won’t break the bank. The home or community funeral is a facilitated event that brings out the best from everyone. You can read more about our approach in my book ‘Death, a love project, a guide to exploring the life in death and finding the way together.’ There are many ways to create an event that ‘rings true’. Give us a call if you’d like to talk.