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‘Tender’ available on ABC IView till 13 July

‘Tender’ is a documentary on the work of a Community Centre Committee of Management, staff and volunteers as they seek to innovate for the sake of the local, largely low income community. The vision? To be able to take care of funeral arrangements for their members, to be able to bury them in a natural […]

Kids talk death and funerals – Wheeler Centre event

The Wheeler Centre does great events. Think about inviting a panel of kids, primary to Year 12, from St Martins Youth Arts to address adults about death. It was a bit like a Death Cafe with an audience. What did I learn from the panel’s exchange with Natasha Mitchell of ABC’s ‘All in the Mind’? […]

Burial or cremation?

My friend Kerrie is very straightforward about what’s going to happen to her when she dies. She’s always known. What? She’s only in her 30s! No way, she tells me, will she be cremated! She’ll be buried in a cemetery in a village outside Melbourne, with the rest of her family. As she talks, I […]

Life expectancy, income poverty and funeral options

Thirty years’ ago Australians’ life expectancy grew substantially. This post looks at the implications for funeral options. Thirty years’ ago public health initiatives had cut down infant mortality. TAC style campaigns reduced teenage drunk driving and accidents. Today it’s hard for experts to say that life expectancy will stop growing. At the same time, if […]

Co-design for sustainable funeral

Co-design for sustainable funeral

Thursday night’s Sustainable Living Festival event at Hub Melbourne showed lots of people want new funeral options. So we tried co-designing a low impact, sustainable funeral. First up, sustainability principles of inter-generational equity and environmental, social and economic domains. Everyone’s sharing and learning at SLF.  Environmental values had drawn them to the event. Hang on! we […]

Co-design. And sustainable funerals at SLF again!

‘Co-design that Sustainable Funeral!‘ Coming up on Thursday 13th February! This event builds on last year’s successful SLF event on Funeral Options. great opportunity to nut out what sustainable might mean in this context. You’ve spent your life treading lightly because you care for the environment, but have you given any thought to the impact […]

Making a will. It’s not just about stuff.

I learned that only 2 out of 5 Australians have a will. It was in the morning paper. In the same paper there was an article highlighting that more and more people under 35 are purchasing property. I wondered if they would get organised to do a will. No one wants squabbling about stuff. it […]

Death Cafe Melbourne, Facebook page

At Kinfolk on August 8th, people were looking for a central resource for events and information. You can now find a Facebook page for Death Cafe Melbourne. Also here’s the quote some of you asked for about our relationship with the earth, life and death, All in all. And …. you may have seen that […]

Warm, low key death cafe at Kinfolk

I asked people what they’d say to others interested in coming to a Death Cafe and there were encouraging responses: Go for it! What have you got to lose? It’s a very loose collection of people with an openness and interest in exploring ideas around all aspects of death. It’s very low key. Do it! […]

Death Cafe Melbourne @ Kinfolk

Death Cafe Melbourne @ Kinfolk

Death Cafe is a lively social movement. Cafes springing up like mushrooms in London, San Francisco and New York City. Their popularity reflects a broad interest in bringing death out from the shadows and talking about it in the warmth of well-supported public occasions. There’s no reason to try to make sense of big questions […]

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