The Wheeler Centre does great events. Think about inviting a panel of kids, primary to Year 12, from St Martins Youth Arts to address adults about death. It was a bit like a Death Cafe with an audience.

What did I learn from the panel’s exchange with Natasha Mitchell of ABC’s ‘All in the Mind’?

Adults are nervous of talking about death because:

  • They’ll be sad and they don’t want that ‘weighed down-‘ness
  • It’s taboo. No one wants to be the one who brings up the subject of death.
  • It’s very sad – there are lots of endings, iike there’s the end of the movie, the end of a pet, but this is the end of a person.
  • They hurt so much

Some of the speakers had been to a funeral for example an uncle’s wake which was quite like a party. A funeral’s a good way to remember the dead person a young woman Niyah suggested, and a celebration of what the person did, the good things they did.

Wheeler Centre2

The youngest, Satch, had an interesting thought, ‘If I died the room where I die would be a good place for people to be, to go into that room’. He seemed to be suggesting the value of a vigil.

I agree, it really make sense to do this.