Just like there’s a lot of dishwashing detergent on the shelf at Woolies and Coles there are tricky choices to make among funeral products. Different businesses offer different choices. Choices are often made at an emotional time and products don’t come cheap.

Sustainable Living Festival

It’s on again! And the event that I run on sustainable funerals each year is a place where people can learn, discuss and even plan for environmentally friendly options. This year the subject is natural burial. Click here to book.

Natural burial makes it possible to honour the earth in death as well as life. That’s why my friends John and Nicky, both in their 80s, want to see good options available in this area before they die. All they want is something simple and meaningful, that’s genuinely sustainable. They’d like something that’s a clear expression of their personal values.

What makes natural burial an environmentally sustainable alternative to existing funeral practices? At the 2016 SLF event, an expert panel will help you think about this. The experts come from Melbourne’s Greater Metropolitan and Southern Cemetery Trusts, and Natural Death Advocacy Network.

The event will be interactive with lots of opportunities to ask questions. Learn about what’s possible, and find out what’s out there in Melbourne for the savvy green purchaser.

We discussed ‘greenwashing’ at the 2015 SLF event in considering coffin materials, manufacture, pricing and beliefs about quality. It’s when a company or organization spends more time and money claiming to be ‘green’ through advertising and marketing than actually implementing business practices.

Useful info on sustainable funerals

In my experience the last thing most people have time to give sustained thinking to at the time of bereavement is sustainability. Most of us are not well informed about our options. There will be heaps of useful info at the Natural Burials event!