Planning the ceremony

A great funeral is absolutely fitting for the person who has died. It will leave warm memories.

Before too long we’ll get those who need to be involved together in a location of your choice. If you like we can use my studio. We’ll create a comfortable conversational environment and explore meaningful options.

Together we’ll consider the time aspect – how long the ceremony might be and what’s possible in that time.

We’ll discuss the setting you envisage and how it might work, who’s going to be involved and how.

The content will evolve through discussion of relevant people, possibilities and how elements fit.

This is a process of co-creation, to which everyone will contribute. Nothing will be finalised until you’ve checked draft material.

Annie provided calmness, clarity and order to the planning of the memorial, and to the day itself.


Annie was amazing in helping my family and I to navigate uncharted waters in planning a memorial service! Her facilitation skills were so wonderful that in a very short space of time we went from being at loggerheads to all being on much the same page, which enabled us to plan a beautiful service that was very fitting for Dad. She was a calm and respectful presence both before and at the service. I’d recommend the services of Kinship Ritual to anyone wishing to hold a personable, meaningful service for their loved ones.